Dentures in Mount Pleasant

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Dentures in Mount Pleasant

Dentures are an excellent choice if you’re missing one or more teeth in Mount Pleasant. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Candice Vinson specializes in restorative dentistry. She can help you understand all of your options, including partial dentures, full-mouth dentures, and even advanced implant-supported dentures. Contact us now to learn more about dentures, see if they're right for you, and take the first steps toward a brighter smile and a healthier mouth.

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What Are Dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. With a set of dentures, you can smile confidently, speak clearly, and avoid common oral health issues associated with tooth loss, such as teeth shifting toward empty tooth sockets. 

Dentures are typically made from durable acrylic materials, and may also include some metal or ceramic components. They're manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, and to look completely natural. If you’ve lost one, several, or most of your teeth in Mount Pleasant, dentures from Dr. Candice Vinson may be right for you.

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What Types Of Dentures Are Out There?

We offer three different types of dentures at Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant. Dr. Vinson can build partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

Let’s start with partial dentures. These are a set of multiple false teeth that are built around a metal framework. This framework clips onto your remaining healthy teeth, and holds the dentures in place. This makes partial dentures a great option if you’re missing several teeth throughout your mouth, but the rest of your teeth are still healthy.

Full dentures are different. They consist of a gum-colored acrylic base that contains a full row of upper or lower teeth. Unlike partial dentures, full dentures require any remaining teeth to be pulled, even if they're healthy. This is because they must fit perfectly on top of your gums. Because of this, they're only recommended if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth.

Finally, implant-supported dentures are a special type of full dentures. Just like full dentures, implant-supported dentures replace the upper, lower, or both arches of your teeth. However, they don’t just sit on top of your gums. Instead, they attach to a set of 4-6 dental implants, which are surgically implanted into your mouth. Because they're attached to these implants, implant-supported dentures look and feel more natural, will never shift or move, and last longer compared to traditional full-mouth dentures.

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The Denture Fitting Process

After your initial consultation and any necessary pre-treatment surgeries, such as tooth extractions, the denture fitting process will begin. You’ll come into our office, and Dr. Vinson will take detailed impressions of your teeth and/or gums, and of your bite. These will be used to make a special bite form, which we’ll send to a third-party lab. This is where your dentures will be made.

The dental lab will build a set of wax test dentures. They will send them to Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant, and you’ll come in for a follow-up with Dr. Vinson. She will examine the fit and ask you how they feel, and make a note if any adjustments need to be made. Then, she’ll send these to the lab, and this process will be repeated.

It may take several follow-ups to get a perfect fit for your dentures. But once the fit is perfect, your final set of dentures will be made and sent to our office. Then, Dr. Vinson will check them one more time, and give you instructions on how to wear and care for your new dentures. Then, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your new smile!

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