What's The Difference Between a Prosthodontist and a General Dentist?

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Mount Pleasant or North Mount Pleasant, we know that you have quite a few options. There are many different types of dentists and specialists you can see, and prosthodontists like Dr. Vinson offer particular services to treat specific needs.

The team at Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant wants our patients to be fully informed about the specialized care you can expect to receive when you come to our office. Here are a few things to keep about the differences between a general dentist and a prosthodontist.

General Dentists Handle “General Dentistry”

General dentists are qualified to handle treatments like root canals, fillings and crowns, cosmetic procedures, oral exams, and other general dental needs. Most routine care can be addressed by a general dentist, and some general dentists can perform specialized treatments like dental implant surgery and veneer placement.  

Prosthodontists Are Specially Trained To Perform More Complex Treatments

While a general dentist is a great choice for your everyday dental needs, a prosthodontist is a better choice if you require more specialized treatment, such as tooth reconstruction or replacement.

The biggest difference between a general dentist and a prosthodontist is that prosthodontists are specialists when it comes to repairing and replacing teeth, and they offer highly personalized care when it comes to the function and aesthetics of dental prosthesis.

Prosthodontists undergo up to three years of additional training and schooling through an ADA-accredited program. During this time, they train to handle the most complex and difficult dental cases. This can include jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery), the placement of dentures and dental bridges, implant surgery, and more.

Most prosthodontists also have extensive training with cosmetic treatments like veneers, dental crowns, and bonding, ensuring they can restore the functionality and cosmetic appearance of your smile.

Trust A Prosthodontist for Restorative Treatment

While many general dentists do offer restorative treatments, you should turn to an experienced prosthodontist like Dr. Vinson if you need a treatment like a dental implant or a complex procedure like a full mouth rehabilitation.

While most general dentists offer perfectly adequate treatment and are experienced in these kinds of procedures, working with a prosthodontist ensures that you get the very best results, especially if you have a complicated oral health issue.

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