The Top 4 Benefits Of Preventative Dentistry

If you need preventative dentistry in Mount Pleasant, Dr. Vinson is here to help you maintain your smile. At Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant, we offer a wide range of preventative services, from oral exams to teeth cleanings and deep cleanings.

By scheduling routine oral exams and checkups, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

1. Catch Minor Problems Before They Become More Severe

In most cases, oral health issues develop over a period of months and even years. Cavities, for example, may take quite a while to become severe enough to cause a toothache, and minor cases of gum disease take time to progress into more serious cases of periodontitis.

By visiting Dr. Vinson for regular oral exams and treatments, you can catch these issues while they are still minor, and before they begin to affect your overall health.

2. Save Time And Money

By catching your oral health issues early, you preserve your oral health and you also save quite a bit of time and money. If one of your teeth is at risk of developing a cavity or has slightly decayed enamel, we may recommend a fluoride treatment or another affordable preventive process that is typically covered by insurance.

However, if a cavity goes untreated, you may need to get a filling or have root canal therapy to repair the damage and minimize pain, which is more costly than routine preventive care.

3. Maximize Your Dental Benefits

If you have a dental plan, it likely covers the cost of 2 teeth cleanings and x-rays per year. You’ll still be paying for these benefits even if you don’t use them, so it’s in your best interest to visit every six months and make the most out of your insurance plan! In most cases, you won’t pay a dime out of pocket for a cleaning if you have a dental plan. For more details, consult with our staff.  

4. Keep Your Smile Bright And Beautiful

Preventive dentistry will keep your smile bright. Surface stains can be buffed out by a cleaning, and you can ensure that your gums and teeth are in great shape. That means you’ll feel better about how you look, and you’ll be able to smile confidently, knowing that your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy.

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