The Benefits Of Having Your Dental Prosthesis Fitted By A Qualified Prosthodontist

There are many benefits of seeing a professional, highly-qualified prosthodontist when receiving dental crowns, implants, or dentures. Dr. Candace Vinson, is a prosthodontic expert, and at Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant, we always make sure your dental prosthesis are beautifully crafted and perfectly fitted. Here are a few benefits of seeing a specialist like Dr. Vinson for prosthodontic treatment:

1. Your Prosthodontist Will Take Every Aspect Of Your Mouth And Oral Health Into Account

While many dentists are able to offer restorative treatments like full and partial dentures, dental implants, bridges, and restorative crowns, only a prosthodontist will be able to consider every element of your oral health, and ensure that you get the right treatment for your particular situation.

At Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant, we use cutting-edge technology like digital scanners and x-rays. With the help of these sophisticated tools, Dr. Vinson will make sure she suggests the right treatment and plan for every step of the process in advance. This ensures that there are no surprises during your treatment process.

2. Your Restoration Will Be Right – The First Time

It’s not uncommon for a dental restoration such as a bridge, partial denture, or even a dental crown to require some adjustments after they have been applied. However, this is not the case if you visit an experienced prosthodontist like Dr. Vinson.

Dr. Vinson specializes in implant dentistry and dental restorations. Using precision tools and a comprehensive approach to treatment, she will create restorations that fit perfectly, and require only minor adjustments. No more follow-ups!

3. You’ll Be More Comfortable And Your Prosthesis Will Fit More Naturally

This is, perhaps, the most important reason you should turn to an experienced prosthodontist for a restoration such as a dental implant. Prosthodontists go through special training that allows them to get a deeper understanding of how dental restorations and prostheses affect the surrounding teeth. This means that Dr. Vinson will ensure that your dental prosthesis looks natural to others, and feels natural and comfortable in your mouth.

4. Dr. Vinson Will Keep You Informed Throughout The Entire Fitting And Placement Process

At our practice, we focus on patient education. We work with our patients so that they understand all of their treatment options, and have all of the information they need to make the right decision for their own unique situation.

Throughout the process of restoring your smile, Dr. Vinson will educate you about every treatment, how to care for your prostheses, and what to expect from each and every appointment. We put you in control of your own dental health, ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

See Dr. Vinson Today – And Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

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