I Don't Have Enough Tooth Structure for a Crown. What Are My Options?

I Don't Have Enough Tooth Structure for a Crown. What Are My Options?

If one of your teeth has been affected by decay or has been damaged in an accident, then a dental crown can help you restore it and protect it. 

But, what if the damage has been so severe that the structure of the tooth has been compromised? Can you still get a crown if you don't have enough tooth structure or should you consider other options? 

Here's what you need to know. 

How Do Dental Crowns Work? 

Dental crowns are caps that have the same shape and color as your teeth. They are placed over the natural tooth with the scope of protecting and restoring it. If a tooth has been severely damaged by decay or injury, dental crowns can restore it. 

Dental crowns are bonded to the natural tooth, which means that your tooth needs to have a certain structure for the treatment to be successful. 

Before placing a dental crown, the dentist will evaluate the health of your tooth and determine the best treatment. If the tooth has been damaged to the point where there is not enough structure to support a dental crown, then they might suggest other restoration options. 

How Can You Restore a Tooth When There's Not Enough Structure for a Crown? 

If your tooth doesn't have enough structure for a crown, then the dentist will try to rebuild it first. They will use a bit of composite resin to reshape your tooth and give it a bit more structure. 

This material is bonded to the tooth in layers and hardened one layer at a time until it reaches the right shape and structure. 

Once the tooth has been rebuilt, the dentist can proceed with applying the dental crown. 

Another way to restore a severely damaged tooth is by using a post-and-core crown, which is, in a way, a combination between an implant and a crown. It can also be used if you need a root canal and now you don't have enough tooth structure to support a regular dental crown. 

After the dentist removes and cleans the infected pulp, they insert a metal "implant" into the root of the tooth. This implant will be a bit higher than the natural structure of the tooth and will be used as a base for reshaping and sealing the tooth. 

After the tooth has been given the right structure, the dentist will then attach the dental crown and fit it over the metal post. 

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