How Often Should I See A Prosthodontist?

Are you wondering how often you should visit a prosthodontist like Dr. Candice Vinson? Do you need to see Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant for routine care? What are the benefits of routine care at our office? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more below. 

You Should See Dr. Candice Vinson Every Six Months 

Despite being a prosthodontist who specializes in oral surgery and cosmetic/restorative dentistry, Dr. Vinson still sees patients for routine dental cleanings and oral exams. We offer a full range of general and preventive dentistry services in Mount Pleasant

And whether you’re a new patient at our office or you’ve already received treatment from Dr. Vinson, you need to schedule an appointment to see our team every six months. Seeing your dentist twice a year helps you keep your smile healthy and strong. 

If you see Dr. Vinson every six months, she can track your oral health, identify potential issues like cavities and gum disease, and ensure you get the treatment you need to restore your smile and avoid further dental health issues.

Not only that, but regular dental visits help keep your smile bright and healthy, even if you’re free of any serious oral health problems. During your consultation, our team will polish and clean your smile to remove plaque and tartar. This keeps your teeth looking great and also reduces your risk of developing cavities and gum disease. 

Routine Dental Visits Can Help You Save Time & Money 

If you have dental insurance, you will typically be able to get routine six-month preventive dental care like a teeth cleaning and oral exam at no charge. This means that by seeing Dr. Vinson every six months, you’ll make the most of your insurance coverage.

Even if you don’t have insurance, routine cleanings and exams at our office are affordable, and can help you avoid costly oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. In the long run, getting preventive care will save you a lot of money, since you will avoid these issues altogether.

Seeing A Prosthodontist Regularly Is Critical If You Have Dental Restorations 

If you have dental restorations like dental bridges, crowns, one or more dental implants, or full/partial dentures, it’s even more important for you to see the dentist regularly to get the care you need. 

During your six-month appointment, Dr. Vinson will be able to examine your dental restorations to ensure they’re in great shape. For example, she can check on your dental implant to make sure that the surrounding gum tissue is healthy and strong. 

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Vinson is uniquely qualified to check on both the health of your dental restorations and your remaining natural teeth. That means seeing a prosthodontist for routine dental care in Mount Pleasant is the best option if you have undergone extensive dental work.

Contact Us For A Consultation In Mount Pleasant 

Whether you’re new to the area and are seeking a new dentist, or you’re just currently overdue for your next oral exam and teeth cleaning in Mount Pleasant, Dr. Candice Vinson is here for you. Contact us online or call now at (843) 936-1690 to get the preventive care you need from an experienced prosthodontist right away.