How Can I Best Use My Dental Insurance?

Dental care can be expensive, particularly if you need a lot of dental work. So here are a few basic tips we recommend you follow to maximize your dental insurance. Read on, and get the information you need from Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant

1. Make Sure You Choose An In-Network Dentist

First and foremost, you need to make sure your dentist in Mount Pleasant accepts your insurance policy. You can call your dentist directly to ask about which insurance policies they accept. 

You also may be able to consult with your insurance provider and find a registry of all of the dentists in your area that they work with. The specifics of this depend on your policy.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Shop Around

Not all dentists are the same. Even two in-network dentists may charge different prices for the same treatments. If you’re very budget-minded and worried about overspending, you may want to “shop around,” and ask several dentists what they charge for a standard treatment like a root canal, periodontal cleaning, filling, and so on. This may help you save some money. 

3. Know Your Annual Maximum & Yearly Deductible

These are the two most important concepts for dental insurance, and they are as follows:

  • Yearly deductible – This is how much you must pay out of pocket before your insurance begins covering your dental care. It’s usually between $25 and $250.

  • Annual maximum – Most plans have an annual maximum of between $1,000 to $2000. This is the limit of your yearly coverage. Once your plan pays out up to your annual maximum, you have to pay for all of your remaining costs out of pocket.

4. Remember The 100/80/50 Rule

Most dental insurance policies cover 100% of preventive care like teeth cleanings. But they tend to cover only 80% of “basic” treatments like fillings, and 50% of “major” treatments like crowns and dental bridges, so you may have to pay some out-of-pocket costs for significant dental treatments.

5. Check On Additional Coverage For Kids

Both kids and adults are usually 100% covered for two free yearly oral exams and teeth cleanings, as well as one set of yearly x-rays. But kids under 18 also usually have coverage for preventive care like fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Consult with your policy to see if your kids have additional coverage available, and make sure you maximize your dental benefits. 

No Insurance? Get Help With Our New Patient Special

At Advanced Dentistry of Mount Pleasant, we accept all major insurances, and you can give us a call at (843) 936-1690 to learn more and make sure we work with your provider. But even if you don’t have insurance, our New Patient Special lets you get the care you need for less at our office. 

You can get x-rays, a teeth cleaning, an oral exam, and a custom treatment plan for just $99. So whether you have insurance or don’t have coverage, contact us online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Candice Vinson right away.